Thursday, April 27, 2017

Road to Ultra Taiwan 2016 (Official 4K Recap) Afrojack & Jay Karama - Diamonds (Wall Recordings)


Road to Ultra Taiwan returns to Da Jia Riverside Park on September 10, 2017!

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Music: Afrojack & Jay Karama - Diamonds (Wall Recordings)

Road to Ultra Hong Kong 2016 (Official 4K Recap)



Road to Ultra Hong Kong returns to Nursery Park on September 16, 2017!

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Music: Martin Garrix - Sun is Never Going Down (feat. Dawn Golden)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Pleasurekraft's 7 Year Itch Rework)[Official Video]



7 years after its initial release, Pleasurekraft felt it was time to update their original classic with a sound more in line with their 'Cosmic Techno' output of the last couple years. Put simply, it's bigger, badder, and much darker - this '7 Year Itch' remix marks the 7 year anniversary of the track that first broke them on the scene in 2010, and is one of Beatport's highest selling records to date. Already being hammered by techno icons Carl Cox and Adam Beyer, and with a special limited edition vinyl accompaniment, this rework is already shaping up to be one of the year's biggest tracks. 

**Footage Courtesy of NASA**



State of Mind (feat. Maztek, Jade, Mindscape, Nuklear) Automata EP

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   They established a temporary hub deep in the catacombs of the urban ultrascape, a sanctuary far from the eyes of the flesh-wrapped bio species of this technologically primitive planet. They were the last few of what was supposed to have been a peaceful incursion, an optimistic greeting between species that now stood as a declaration of violence written in the broken shards of their fallen brothers. As the chaos had blossomed around them and the incident unfurled its catastrophic and unstoppable cycle of causal probabilities and terminal results, they watched as their speaker was torn apart by the masses that pushed in against their number. Its limbs were ripped from its body each in turn, flailing and spilling hydraulic fluid as it twisted, reaching out to choke fragile throats as those merciless hands destroyed the beings they viewed as abominations. They managed to retrieve what was left of the body, separated and broken, but its heart and brain intact. Now in their refuge, with a click the last component slipped into place, its eyes flickered into life and its hand closed tight, its first thought - of death - the need to squeeze the life out of those fragile frightened masses. 

Powerful neurofunk duo STATE OF MIND return to the ever-evolving EATBRAIN label with their AUTOMATA EP, alongside collaborators JADE, MAZTEK & MINDSCAPE to deliver 6 shockingly effective tech-fuelled weapons. The AUTOMATA EP is SOM's second full EP on Eatbrain, having hit hard with the FULL FORCE EP back in 2015. With more than a year having passed, the pair's production values have mercilessly evolved, while the label has risen mightily worldwide. From the restless and penetrative structure of GRAPE JUICE and the understated foleyesque hook of CHOKER and its minimal mean acid line to the towering and resonant assault of BACK FROM THE EDGE, the AUTOMATA EP bleeds future funk technology.


More hard knocks in the Automata EP...High energy, tough as bricks! This is the sound that turns the venue on it's head!  "They can't  get enough" I would have to agree. This lable is outstanding. The heat coming off these tracks is real! Shout out toMaztek, Jade, Mindscape, Nuklear , on ponit!!!



Bad Taste - Eatbrain - MethLab

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Teddy Killerz - Teddy’s Song

Teddy Killerz - Teddy’s Song - Out 26th April

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Rolling on from the success of the infamous ‘Monkey Kingdom’, 
the Teddy Killerz get set to release the next single from their summer bound debut album, ‘Nightmare Street’. ‘Teddy’s Song’ connects the dots with its horror film vocal, drawing for big room synths and militant breaks designed with evil intent.

“This is a very special tune for us. It combines both our passions for heavy bass-laden tracks and also hands in the air festival bangers. We’ve tried to straddle that line and hope you enjoy!” 
Teddy Killerz 2017

About Teddy Killerz: Having a plethora of releases already on the 
likes of OWSLA, Bad Taste and Ram’s sister label Program, TK have reached a diverse audience delivering a huge spectrum of music. Further pushed into the spotlight by their remix of Skrillex’s ‘Ragga
Bomb’, their work on Modestep’s ‘London Road’ and more remix work for Noisia and Foreign Beggars’ I Am Legion project, the debut TK album ‘Nightmare Street’ looks set to cement their mark this year 
as a major production force in drum & bass.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Eptic - Rampage 2017 (Full Set)


Check out Eptic's full set from Rampage 2017!

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Moby - Go (Fourward Remix)

This is Fourward's remix of Moby's classic Go. We've had the pleasure of being the exclusive drum & bass label to remix four of Moby's greatest hits. Get all of the remixes here: 

Shogun Audio