Saturday, March 31, 2012

PHILTHY - Get Nasty (Resident evil/ Dubstep)

PHILTHY / GET NASTY (RESIDENT EVIL DUBSTEP ) ..Are you down with the sickness? These movies make me squeamish but lots of people luv it ! Great track reguardless !

Thursday, March 29, 2012


SANDER VAN DOORN LIVE @ ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2012 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)  Can you find yourself in the crowd ??? Whoa ! That tent is filled with many bodies !

Ultra Music Festival Experience 2012

ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE 2012 !!!Whether you fled to Miami to escape school, work or bad weather really doesn't matter ! The party  @ UMF was off the chain ! Industry professionals have had a  non stop action packed  "ULTRA" experience this year ! Between all the gigs, conventions,and conferences it will be no shock that some DJ's will be up for some down time after this past week of record numbers !

Welcome back !!! Bella Bass Fly has missed you ! Time to play !

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kaskade - Lessons In Love (Headhunterz Remix) Official Video

KASKADE / LESSONS IN LOVE (HEADHUNTERS REMIX) OFFICIAL  VIDEO ! I love to see my favorite Dj's putting out quality sound and video! Headhunterz puts it down!!! Headhunterz has proven that he is more than just a contender in the electronic world! All Day All Night , I got the lights in my eyes!

Now available on:
- iTunes:
- Beatport:

This is the official video for my remix of Kaskade - Lessons In Love. Finished just in time to play for the first time at Reverze 2012.
To be released at Ultra Music.

Filmed and edited by Dani Kupers.
Vfx made by Niels Krikke & Erin Sonsma.
Special thanks to Bass Events.

Nero - Me And You (Tour Trailer)

NERO / ME & YOU (Tour Trailer) Nero will be in Boston ,Ma ... April  3rd , 2012 Check Nero's FB page for more tour details.


ALEX GAUDINO / CHINATOWN (PROMO VIDEO)...If I'm stomping through Chinatown I'm usually in a stiletto but the shell tops look much more appealing ! My shoe of choice!

Global Dance Festival 2011 OFFICIAL FRI/SAT PROMO

GLOBAL DANCE FESTIVAL 2011 ...Cannot wait to see how 2012 goes down !

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bachelors Of Science - Bounce - OUT NOW on Focuz Recordings

BACHELORS OF SCIENCE / BOUNCE  ...Love Bachelors Of Science ...They always keep it groovy !

Monday, March 26, 2012

CHROM3 - Wake Up [Official Video] [HQ] (CHROME)

CHROM3 /WAKE UP ...A lil' DNB  to make you feel alright !


EDC VEGAS 2012 ! EDC will be entertaining the desert once  again this year as well as NYC !!! Great energy in store ! Time will tell how far the carnival will travel before all is said and done!

₮hℭ Dυb K℩₦G


Jabbawockeez freestyle robot remains remix

JABBAWOCKEEZ FREESTYLE ROBOT REMAINS ...I certainly get a kick out of watching the Jabbawockeez  pop lock and break things down! I love reminding the world that breaking is not dead !

Decadence NYE 2011 - 2012 : The Official After Movie - Joosbox Edition

DECADENCE NYE 2012 ...This event was an outstanding display of art and energy! 2012 is really turning into the best year yet !!!!

Filmography 2012 Dubstep Trailer (1080p) by Saei

FILMOGRAPHY 2012 DUBSTEP TRAILER! Summer is coming and so are all the new action films!


HORX and P3000 ft. FLEUR / THE ONE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Heartfelt  vocal dub step ! Nice track !

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Evangelion AMV - You Can(Not) Beat It [Noisia - Machine Gun 16bit Remix]


Oceansize (HD) SPECTACULAR Animated Sci-Fi Film ...

OCEANSIZE (HD) ANIMATED SCI FI FILM ....This Sci fi  thriller is very cool ! I enjoy the suspense and the non use of weapons ! It's hard to find action without guns these days so I appreciate the creativity as well as the art !

The Oracle VIRTUAL BITCH (Ft. Laura Steel)

THE ORACLE VIRTUAL BITCH (ft.LAURA STEEL) ... Electonic isn't the word ...sci fi spectacle !!! I love the Oracles videos !

Saturday, March 24, 2012

[Official Video] Freestylers - Over You feat. Ami Carmine

FREESTYLERS /OVER YOU ...This video may have you thinking ..."What the duck ?"

Noisia - Split the atom (Official Video)

NOISIA / SPLIT THE ATOM (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ...Check it out ! Split the atom !!!! Noisia in the house !

ROSA (HD) Epic AWARD Winning Matrix style Fantasy Action Animated Film b...

ROSA ! Epic award winning animation that tells a story ! i cannot tell you how moved I am by the art in this short! Amazing talent !!! A " Matrix style"  I can't help but like it better !

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)

PORTAL: NO ESCAPE LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM ...This short film is outstanding . I love this concept and intensity!!!

Come Out and Play - Parkour and Freerunning

COME OUT AND PLAY / PARKOUR and FREERUNNING  ! Dope! What can you say ? Skillz !!!

Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn (Ft. Ayah Marar)(Incl. Video)

CAMO & KROOKED / WATCH IT BURN ft.AYAH MARAR (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ...Motorcycle season is here. After losing one friend to a horrific Motorcycle accident all I can say is ...BE CAREFUL!!! Most of the time it's not you ! Don't try this @ home !

Friday, March 23, 2012

Krafty Kuts vs Gordon Edge - Compnded - Instant Vibes - Official Video

KRAFTY KUTS vs. GORDON EDGE / COMPOUNDED / INSTANT VIBES ...Old school vs. new school ? Instant vibes would be an accurate assumption !!!!!

Sway ft. Kelsey - Level Up (Out 8th April 2012 - Produced By Flux Pavili...

SWAY ft. KELSEY / LEVEL UP / PRODUCED BY FLUX PAVILION ...Drops April 8th 2012!!! Summer jam!  This track definitely contains some urban heat!
Pre Order Level Up Here - 
'Level Up' is the brand new single from Sway! With vocals by Kelsey @kelseysings ( and produced by Flux Pavilion. 'Level Up' is coming out in April in the UK on 3Beat and the single features remixes from Blame, Sigma, Fake Blood, Sunship and Cahill. 

Check out the fantastic video featuring someone that Soccer AM fans might just recognise.

Tickets are available now for Sway Live at XOYO in London on 12th April 2012, to grab tickets head to


REDNEK ft. SEAN BYRNE / CONSPIRACY ... REDNEK puts it down each and every time !

Adam F - When The Rain Is Gone (Out 22nd April) [Official Video HD]

ADAM F / WHEN  THE  RAIN  IS GONE ....Album out April 22nd 2012 !!!!!! Don't miss it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

KDrew "Firestarter" Official Music Video w/ Nonstop (Dir. by Sean Babas)

KDREW / FIRESTARTER (OFFICIAL VIDEO)  DIRECTED BY SEAN BABAS ... Is it me or do you always hear dub step upon entering a junkyard ? This junkyard is Poppin' ! Firestarter is high energy dub step with pop lockin'  twist ! Outstanding videography  makes this video  a must share !

Plan B - ill Manors [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

PLAN B / ILL MANORS(OFFICIAL VIDEO)  ...OY !!! OY !!! Ill Manors indeed!!!!


iTunes Deluxe:
iTunes Standard: 
iTunes US (+ Film Score): Deluxe (Signed):

Listen to Ben explain the inspiration behind the new ill Manors project with BBC 1Xtra here:



Let's all go on an urban safari
we might see some illegal migrants
Oi look there's a chav
that means council housed and violent
He's got a hoodie on give him a hug
on second thoughts don't you don't wanna get mugged
Oh shit too late that was kinda dumb
whose idea was that...stupid...
He's got some front, ain't we all
be the joker, play the fool
What's politics, ain't it all
smoke and mirrors, April fools
All year round, all in all
just another brick in the wall
Get away with murder in the schools
use four letter swear words coz we're cool
We're all drinkers, drug takers
every single one of us buns the herb
Keep on believing what you read in the papers
council estate kids, scum of the earth
Think you know how life on a council estate is
from everything you've ever read about it or heard
Well it's all true, so stay where you're safest
there's no need to step foot out the 'burbs
Truth is here, we're all disturbed
we cheat and lie its so absurd
Feed the fear that's what we've learned
Fuel the fire
Let it burn.


Oi! I said Oi!
What you looking at you little rich boy!
We're poor 'round here, run home and lock your door
don't come 'round here no more, you could get robbed for
Real (yeah) because my manors ill

My manors ill
For real
Yeah you know my manors ill, my manors ill!


You could get lost in this concrete jungle
new builds keep springing up outta nowhere
Take the wrong turn down a one way junction
find yourself in the hood nobody goes there
We got an Eco-friendly government
they preserve our natural habitat
Built an entire Olympic village
around where we live without pulling down any flats
Give us free money and we don't pay any tax
NHS healthcare, yes please many thanks
People get stabbed round here there's many shanks
nice knowing someone's got our backs when we get attacked
Don't bloody give me that
I'll lose my temper
Who closed down the community centre?
I kill time there used to be a member
what will I do now 'til September?
Schools out, rules out, get your bloody tools out
London's burning, I predict a riot
Fall in fall out
who knows what it's all about
What did that chief say? Something bout the kaisers
Kids on the street no they never miss a beat
never miss a cheap thrill when it comes their way
Let's go looting
no not Luton
the high street's closer cover your face
And if we see any rich kids on the way we'll make 'em wish they stayed inside
there's a charge for congestion, everybody's gotta pay
do what Boris does... rob them blind


Oi! I said Oi!
What you looking at you little rich boy?
We're poor 'round here, run home and lock your door!
Don't come 'round here no more, you could get robbed for
real (yeah) because my manors ill

My manors ill
For real
Yeah you know my manors ill , my manors ill!


We've had it with you politicians
you bloody rich kids never listen
There's no such thing as broken Britain
we're just bloody broke in Britain
What needs fixing is the system
not shop windows down in Brixton
Riots on the television
you can't put us all in prison!


Oi! I said Oi!
What you looking at you little rich boy?
We're poor round here, run home and lock your door!
Don't come round here no more, you could get robbed for
real (yeah) because my manors ill

My manors ill
For real
Yeah you know my manors ill , my manors ill!

Santigold - Disparate Youth [Official Music Video]

SANTIGOLD / DISPERATE YOUTH (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) ...SANTIGOLD will be releasing her newest LP April 23rd in  the UK  and Americans will have to wait until May 1st !!! Not since M.I.A have we seen such an outstanding "break out" vocalist !!! I'm expecting big things from SANTIGOLD!!!

Don't look ahead, there's stormy weather
Another roadblock in our way
But if we go, we go together
Our hands are tied here if we stay

Oh, we said our dreams will carry us
And if they don’t fly we will run
Now we push right past to find out
Oh, how to win what they all lost

Oh ah, oh ah
We know now we want more
Oh ah, oh ah
A life worth fighting for
Oh ah, oh ah
We know that we want more
Oh ah, oh ah
A life worth fighting for

So let them say we won't do better
Lay out the rules that we can't break
They wanna sit and watch you wither
Their legacy's too hard to take

Oh, we said our dreams will carry us
And if they don’t fly we will run
Now we push right past to find out
Oh, how to win what they all lost

Oh ah, oh ah
We know now we want more
Oh ah, oh ah
A life worth fighting for
Oh ah, oh ah
We know that we want more
Oh ah, oh ah
A life worth fighting for

In their heads, hedging their bets
In their eyes it shows
When the beacon breaks, what then?
You ask and they don't know
Oh tell me that
I turn my back well the odds all stand beneath me
And they all said I was mislead
But now the odds all stand beneath me

Oh ah, oh ah
They're frozen to the core
Oh ah, oh ah
A life worth fighting for

Oh, we said our dreams will carry us
And if they don’t fly we will run
Now we push right past to find out
Oh, how to win what they all lost

Oh ah, oh ah
We know now we want more
Oh ah, oh ah
A life worth fighting for
Oh ah, oh ah
We know that we want more
Oh ah, oh ah
A life worth fighting for

(We hear them run, but don't hear what you say
Now here we come, can't throw nothing in our way

We hear them run, but don't hear what you say
Now here we come, can't throw nothing in our way)

Avicii Levels Zed Showreel 2012 [HD]

AVICII LEVELS ZED DANCER SHOWREEL 2012  .... A very talented choreographer. Zed Dancer gives us a birds eye view into dance production on a large commercial level! It sure looks like fun!

Laidback Luke ft. Wynter Gordon - Speak Up (Official Video) (out now!)

LAIDBACK LUKE ft. WYNTER GORDON / SPEAK UP  (OFFICIAL VIDEO)... a bit "clubby" but the mixing is on point! Tha beat is fire !

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cypress x Rusko - "Roll It, Light It"

CYPRESS x / "ROLL IT, LIGHT IT" ....This eagerly anticipated double team  will crumble speakers!!! All I can say is this will be one hell of a show !!!!!!!!!

Skream - Anticipate ft. Sam Frank

SKREAM / ANTICIPATE ft. SAM FRANK ..... The laundry mat used to suck !!!! Where was this guy when I was stuck folding loads ???

Crave You- Adventure Club remix *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO* ft. Remote Kontro...

CRAVE YOU / ADVENTURE CLUB REMIX OFFICIAL VIDEO .....This conceptual video is off the hook! I've loved this track ever since my brother shared it ...Glad to have  found this one. The views are minimal , a video like this should have way more!!!!

Adventure Club JUST released their music video for their hit remix of Crave You by Flight Facilities, with the amazing talent of the dance group Remote Kontrol.
In high quality.
Thumb up, comment, and subscribe!

Check out for more dubstep dance videos!

Dubstep Dance Blog - Dubstep, Electronic, & Drum N Bass - Dancing Groups, Troupes, and Soloists With Ill Skills

Remote Kontrol Performing "Flight Facilities ft. Giselle - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)"

Video - High Definition 1920 x 1080 H.264 AAC (HD)

Date Released: 10/06/2011

Dance Group: Remote Control

- iGlide - Julius Chisolm (
- Chibi - Bryan Gaynor (
- Nonstop - Marquese Scott (

Original Artist: Flight Facilities

Featured Artist: Adventure Club

Original Song: Flight Facilities ft. Giselle - Crave You

This Version: Flight Facilities ft. Giselle - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

I do not own or claim any copyright(s) to this video, music, or any content contained within. All content © copyright respective owners. It is within the uploader's understanding that this content has been uploaded according to the United States Copyright Fair Use guidelines on the basis of information and education. The uploader's intention for uploading this content is to inform and educate the public on the 'Dubstep Dance' movement, the art/culture of dancers choreographing their dance moves to electronic dubstep music. This intention is not possible if either the audio or video part of this content is altered or removed - please leave this content intact as-is, specifically considering the fact that it is within the guidelines of Fair Use. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation - and enjoy!

Video re-uploaded independently in the event that the original uploader's video is altered or removed.

The original uploader's video can be found here:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ITS NOT SAFE HERE 720p fix (Dubstep style for Video games)

IT'S NOT SAFE HERE 720p fix DUBSTEP  VIDEO GAME ACTION TRAILER ...Your favorite games come to live w/ dubstep.

WMC 2012 Miami - Kick Off

WMC 2012 / KICK OFF !!!! It's  $pring Break 2012 B!tChes !!!!!!!!! so sad :(   I'm not in Miami this year ! Enjoying all the feed my peeps are posting ! Poolside sounds so good ! The heat is on !!!!!!

Prometheus (Alien Legacy Film)

PROMETHEUS (ALIEN LEGACY FILM).../ LIGHTS /FLUX & FLOW ....I have never personally seen any of these but I have studied the  graphics ! This still a fun legacy trailer !

Modestep - Show Me A Sign (Official Video)

MODESTEP / SHOW ME A SIGN (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ....Destroy all commercial musi ! This is precisely how I feel, somebody recently asked me if I listen to some "radio Station " ...."no!" I listen to @ all times!!! I love MODESTEP ....I was trying to sleep in but the sunlight hurt my eyes! Good thing ...This video is th $h!t!

Pre-order NOW: 

Modestep are back with their new single 'Show Me A Sign', out 29th April. Here is the official video.

Become a fan of Modestep on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter:
Listen to them on Soundcloud:
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Animation directed and animated by Richard Payne

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mekar MC - Up All Night (DNB DEDICATION)

MEKAR MC / UP ALL NIGHT ( DNB DEDICATION) Mekar Mc is a new MC to But he is already making his presence known! It's no secret that hungry mouths get fed! I love this track it's HOT!!!! The east coast is about to eat it up less than 3hrs after the  release of this spankin' new video ! Only 80 views thus far,  lets see if Bella can help him make this a flare for "SHARE".  I have the feeling this is just the beginning! We cannot wait to see whats next!

Beyond Wonderland Recovery w/ Hardwell @ Playhouse - Mar 19 2012

BEYOND WONDERLAND RECOVERY w/ HARDWELL @ PLAYHOUSE MARCH 19th !!! Time to recover from the journey down INSOMNIACS rabbit hole!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

riverdance hardstyle


Klaypex - Lights [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Beyond Wonderland 2012 Official Trailer

BEYOND WONDERLAND 2012  TONIGHT !!!!  This festival marks the beginning of spring ! Hoping everyone has a once in a lifetime experience tonight! I love this trailer!

Countdown to Beyond Wonderland 2012

COUNTDOWN TO BEYOND WONDERLAND 2012....INSOMNIAC is about to do it again ! TONIGHT! 3/17/2012 It is going down !!!! What an amazing production! I love the artistry and thought   that goes into this! Truly Cosmic!!!!!!!!!!

Exaella:SmiT-Techno Fetish [AMV] (HD)

EXAELLA: SmiT/TECHNO FETISH AMV ....We love our Anime ! This is another spectacular AMV !!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

SpectraSoul - Light In The Dark ft Terri Walker OFFICIAL VIDEO


Chase & Status Live at Brixton Academy DVD - 'Blind Faith' Teaser

CHASE & STATUS LIVE @ BRIXTON ACADEMY DVD /BlIND FAITH TEASER ....I cannot wait to see Chase & Status live!!!  

Goldie - Freedom (Ft. Natalie Duncan) (Official Video)

GOLDIE / FREEDOM ft.Natalie Duncan (Official video) ..I tried to bring this to you over 13 hrs ago but it was still "private" ...glad to share it now!! I was listening to Goldie before I knew I was listening to Goldie ...Old school!

Hamilton - Deep In My Heart (Official Video)

HAMILTON / DEEP IN MY HEART (OFFICIAL VIDEO )   ..... You can run but you cannot hide ! The choices we make chase us through life ! You never know when they will finally catch up ! UKF is on fire this week !!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Camo & Krooked - Afterlife (BCee Remix) **Official Video**

CAMO & KROOKED / AFTERLIFE (BCEE REMIX) ....The point of music is learning to LEGO but this is ridiculous!  My buddy Dreux will love this one!

Document One - Moving Together (Ft. Tigerlight & Maksim MC) (Official Vi...

 DOCUMENT ONE / MOVING TOGETHER ft. TIGERLIGHT ....The views on this track are insane ... Document One dominating ! UKF DUBSTEP put out a few videos this week ...I had to choose  one to keep things spicy  ...Stay tuned ! Look for the others tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

SKRILLEX FACES - [Official Video] PUPPETS ATTACK/ First of the Year

SKRILLEX FACES / PUPPETS ATTACK  ....Nutty hilarity!!! Sometimes you just want  nutty puppets and cookies & cream!
Follow Skrillex: