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Bella Bass Fly Interviews Notixx! Preview Tipping Point EP OUT NOW !!!!

 Notixx AKA Ryan Sinatra is the musical conscience of the young Western New Yorker Ryan Sinatra. Ryan works hard in the studio to crank out tunes that keep you dancing and BASS SMASHERS that only leave you wanting more. His fluid transitions and masterful live effects create unique live electronic shows that always impress, perplex and capture the audience. He has built up local and international notoriety, collaborating with multiple talented electronic artists, as well as performing live to electronic music fans, Notixx is becoming more and more recognized each day as a prominent force in todays bass culture.


1> What is behind the name "Notixx"?

 > It's pretty simple, its just half of the word "Hypnotics" but spelled in a unique manner.

2> How would you describe your music to listeners who may have never heard it before? 

> That honestly is something I struggle with. I usually try to skip the explanation and just let them listen to it so they can develop their own opinion.
3> Your "East Coast" influence translates through your tracks. Would you say "breaks" were influential in your music production? 

> I would say so. I love breaks music and I think it influences my percussion quite a bit. I'm definitely happy about that.

 5>  How long have you been creating music? 
> On my own, for about 4-5 years now! Before that I was playing the guitar in small bands in High School and what not.

6> If there was one thing you change about the underground music scene... What would you change? 
  > The drug use no doubt. I know that drugs have always been a part of electronic music, and probably always will be, but it kills me to see these young kids diving into drugs in this music scene just because it's "the cool thing to do"

7> If you could look back at your own personal "Tipping Point" in the business that changed you forever what would that be? 

  > I don't know if I've actually reached that point yet honestly. We will have to wait and see, but i feel like that point is somewhere in the future still.

8> What is the meaning behind Tipping point? 
> Hopefully I can push some people over the "genre edge" with this EP. Some people spend so much time trying to categorize music into a genre that they forget to LISTEN and enjoy it. I hope this will change.  

9> Who most influenced you as an artist?

> That's a loaded question for sure. A lot of the dubstep OG's (Caspa, Matty G, Subscape, Trolley Snatcha, Rusko) but also a lot of the new wave of artists like Skrillex, J Rabbit, Flux Pavilion, Zeds Dead and the likes.

  Today it has shifted but still remains similar. I am inspired by anybody willing to push the boundaries and be BOLD. 

10> What sets you apart from other artists?

  >  I think that would hopefully be my broader interest in blending the genre lines

11> Describe the strangest thing to ever happen while you were performing?  

  > One time I literally flew all the way to Iowa from New York just to have the party get shut down due to noise violations literally minutes before I was about to go on. That was pretty rough. There's others but that was one that was really unexpected.

12> If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be? Why?

 >  I  have a hard time collaborating because I work so quickly. Honestly I would love to collaborate with some hip hop artists or MC's though! Or vocalists. Most the music I make is very instrumental

13> Your followers obviously also love your "online" personality. Outstanding memes keep everyone entertained. Is a social media presence a big part of your brand? How can social media help producers that don't believe in the impact it has on promotion? 
>  Man, facebook is tough these days. It's almost useless at this point. Keeping everyone entertained is great and all, but at the end of the day I try to make sure everything is about the music. Social media for producers is very important. I try my best to interact with fans consistently so they get a chance to peer into my personality and life.

14> You have a broad range of music style? What is your personal favorite?

 >  I definitely don't have a favorite, but I prefer working with music that has more melody for sure.

15>  How do you overcome hardships as a producer and continue working? 

  >  Taking breaks and collecting your thoughts is crucial. I take hikes often. Coffee helps too!

16> Does Notixx have any hobbies outside the music game?

  >  Traveling, brewing beer, roasting coffee, cooking and the likes. 

17>  What is your personal favorite track of all your creations? 
  > Im quite fond of the "Last Call" track I did on my last EP with Dub Police

18> If  you could give a new producer any bit of advice what would it be?

  >  Make the music YOU want to make. Trust your ears.

19> If you could meet anyone from any time period in history who would it be? Why?

  >   Frank Sinatra because apparently we're related. (My last name is Sinatra)

Special thanks to to the The Dub Police and Notixx for the interview.  I love getting to know the artists I have the pleasure of  blogging! Links available below. Get connected.

To our audience;
20> Wondering what it sounds like?

 Notixx : Tipping Point EP (Preview Audio)
Cat No : DP113
Format : Digital / Streaming
Rel Date : 02nd Oct 2015

1. Space Stomp
2. Re Up
3. Tipping Point w/ GRIMEace

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