Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bella Bass Fly Interviews Fallen 45 " Fall Or Fly "

Upon entering Fallen 45's Soundcloud account you will find
"Conveying Emotions With Sound, Using Technology." I think this is a great way of putting it. Fallen 45 has a unique method of story telling through sound. A journey of the senses.  True music production evokes thought and emotions. Fallen 45 does just that! I look forward to hearing all that this progressing artist has in store for us in the near future. Take a moment and get better acquainted with Fallen 45. Fall Or Fly...

1.  Your audience must know the back story of your name "FALLEN 45"... What does it mean?
     Ha ha  this will be revealed in good time ;)


2.   What can your listeners expect from Fall or Fly?

 They can expect good music, interesting sound design, heavy bass and no massive presets.


3.   How has producing Fall or Fly influenced you as a producer?

        It has influenced me in a lot of ways the most being in character i sent 8 tracks to Caspa that I made and mixed to the best of my ability and he kindly told me my drums weren’t punchy enough and after listening it was obvious! so i had to re mix down all 8 tracks again but it was worth it because it built my resolve ( I did want to cry when he said it tho)


4.    Can you tell your audience about a pivotal moment in your music career?

    A pivotal moment was deciding to leave my job as a manager with 38 staff to pursue music full time ;)


5.    How would you describe your music style to new listeners?
My music style is changing quite a lot at the moment I would say honest, dark, musical, and melodramatic lol

6.     What was some of your favorite music as a child?      
All sorts everything from indie to rap to jungle to dnb to grime, to trip hop, to grunge to dub,    

7.     Who are you listening to now?   
   I’ve got apple music so I’m really rediscovering new music people like Breakage Twigs, Weeknd, Noisia, Two Fingers, Alix Perez and Eprom, and the champion that is d bridge
8.    Who would you like to work with in the future?   
Ill Chill  I love his lyrical content its right up my street!  My heroes people like Noisia or Bjork or Massive Attack

9.    What can your audience expect for  2016?   

Expect lots of music and things to get more musical im gonna go wild!


10.    What was/ is your greatest reward in music production?
Was hands down the day I said ‘its finished’ on my shiny new studio that I built mostly myself!
    Soundcloud link :: DP112 - To Fall or Fly EP

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