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CGI Animated Short Film "Ariane's Sky Short Film" by ISART DIGITAL

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Ariane's Sky Short Film by ISART DIGITAL - Roy Tariaffe, Andreia Santos Silva, Florian Mignet, Quentin Delobel, Amer Abourizk, Dorian Bougard Et Victor Jeanneret. Featured on

Ariane, a space engineer and a passionate astronomer, discovers the dangerous approach of an asteroid towards the planet Earth. Her call squashed will lead to a creative force which will try to reverse the course of things, but what can really do the revolt of a single person facing the destiny of the whole humanity ?

3D Animation: Roy TARIAFFE, Andreia SANTOS SILVA, Florian MIGNET, Quentin DELOBEL, Amer ABOURIZK, Dorian BOUGARD et Victor JEANNERET

ISART DIGITAL, the video game and 3D animation / VFX School.

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Chinese Man - Golden Age (Official Video)

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Music video by : Fred & Annabelle

Noisia - Tentacles (Official Video)

We're super proud to show you the official video for 'Tentacles' including the Ivy Lab remix.

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Vision Recordings

Dj Hidden - This World & Gone (Othercide)


From the depths of drum & basses underbelly, artists like the seminal DJ Hidden are created, spending years on their meticulous craftsmanship to pave their way throughout DJ sets worldwide. And the style of DJ Hidden is a varied one; from the very beginning, he's prided himself in selecting the most prototype-breaking, intricate soundscapes to display across each one of his records. This has ensured his success as an artist, meaning that his music has been given a platform by the most exciting imprints this genre has to offer. With every darkly delicious cut he's unleashed onto its audiences, his profile has grown. And with that, he's peaked interest from the likes of Othercide Records, a label who have collectively displayed producers that are equally as sonically aggressive, on an ever-widening roster.

The growth of independent labels has only exploded creativity within the drum & bass scene. DJ Hidden's forthcoming single on Othercide is a testament to that. Featuring two fresh selections, new listeners and longstanding fans alike are about to be realigned with the sounds which made him so notorious when he first hit the circuit.

As ever, DJ Hidden's engineering is unadulterated and meticulous. With rumbling bass notes, furiously paced drum patterns and an unwieldy composition, 'Gone' goes for the sensory jugular. There's a melodic underpinning throughout the track's intro which throbs ominously beneath the mix. Robotic, diced up samples begin to make themselves known before you're built into a drop with halftime beats. The record then cascades with fury, hitting harder and harder with its devastating bassline. 'This World' is just as progressively intimidating, throwing itself forward on lightly stepped, elevated atmospherics. Pulling you into a false sense of security, 'This World' suddenly unwinds itself with the upmost strength, following a sultry, vocal-lead detonation. Moving the tempo to a lower level, whilst losing none of its impact, you're exposed to DJ Hidden's weighty levels. Together, both tracks pedestal versatility seldom seen by other artists. And alongside imprints such as Othercide, he'll continue to be unstoppable.

MIZO - Soul Reaper EP (Eatbrain)

The pods stood starkly in the shadows, the outline of each distinct against the insidious green glow of the harvesting chamber, where the evolved one endlessly milked the essence of these bleak-fated souls. Within each synthetic husk the occupants writhed in dark pleasure, far beyond the bounds of morality, twisting their bodies and riding the ecstasy of their unrestrained minds. The bio-integrated neurotechnology affixed to each skull delivered an endless stream of visceral stimulants, bypassing the conscious mind and manipulating the subconscious directly. Their brain mass swelled with the constant input, pushing against their very skulls as the physical limits of their bone matter threatened the intensity of a stroke. Their pulsating craniums signified their readiness for the harvest, their ripeness for the primary czar… a soul stretched to its limits, drenched in the decadence of its capacity… fit to burst from its flimsy biocarcass. In readiness the first pod glided smoothly across the chamber, birthing its inhabitant into the overlord’s grasp as he prepared to extract her essence.

Russian neurofunk heavyweight MIZO brings his unique breed of darkness to the EATBRAIN fold with the SOUL REAPER EP in all of its ill-grained glory. A distinct figure in the Russian drum & bass scene, with releases to date on labels such as Dutty Audio and Red Light, the Soul Reaper EP sees Mizo stepping up to his potential and delivering 5 tracks of powerful premiere neuro, as well as collaborating with Eatbrain veteran MC COPPA. Title track SOUL REAPER delivers the kind of orchestral epicness that the Eastern scene favours, giving way to a mean, brutal assault or truly sinister proportions. With bouncy but pointed sci-fi steppers such as UNREAL and SINK (feat. Coppa), as well as the rich synthetic grandness of EXIST’s aesthetic and the hard-hitting grinder MONTAGE – this is an EP that delivers all of the intensely dark meat that Eatbrain fans could possibly want.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Come With Me (FRICTION FIRE)

If you tried to make a list of the DnB producers who’ve achieved the kind of success Drumsound & Bassline Smith have, you’d find yourself running out of names very quickly. Prolific output, underground credibility, rave-destructive potential, foundational innovation, even mainstream-radio appeal, they’ve nailed every metric. 
And, now, they’re dropping their third artist album, and, 
with that reputation preceding them, we already know it’s going to be a killer. If proof were needed, though, the first taste is here. 

Come With Me, as the title suggests, pulls us in immediately. Drumsound & Bassline Smith set us up with a slow-jam bass and R&B vocal. Even as gentle Rhodes arpeggios signal laid-back vibes, though, a kick-build indicates approaching danger, and the tune drops us into beat and bassline fury. 

There’s a grinding mid-range timbre that’s pure dirt. It cuts through the mix, underpinned by Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s trademark ultra-tight and punchy rolling drums. However, this might be a dancefloor powerhouse of a tune, but it’s a lot more than that. Woven through the track are suggestions of other tunes from across the eras of DnB, giving the tune a depth and timeless quality which is going to mean this isn’t just a vicious deejay weapon. It is a vicious deejay weapon, sure, but it’s a lot more besides. 

We might have been given a clue as to where Drumsound & Bassline Smith are going with their LP. Come With Me is a party tune, a dancefloor smasher, there’s no mistaking it. But, with it’s collision of subtlety and hype, soul and aggression, it places itself as part of a narrative about DnB music and its history. If one track can do all that, the whole album might just be something monumental. 

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Dub Elements & Friends (Open Air 2017) // AFTERMOVIE

Next Stop: Dub Elements & Friends (2º Aniversario) 2 & 3 Feb 2018




See you the next year

13 years of snowboarding, but only 17 years old. | This is: Marcus Kleve...

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How many of my personal Connecticut friends caught that Bradley International shot? My neighborhood! NICE!!!!


Marcus Kleveland is the future of snowboarding, and the first episode of the This is Marcus series, Into the Life, is the story of his meteoric rise through the ranks of the sport.

There's no doubt that freestyle snowboarding is in progression-overdrive right now. Tricks that were considered impossible just a few short years ago are now becoming podium essentials, and of all the talented young riders pushing the sport, Norwegian Marcus Kleveland is probably the most exciting of all.

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The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Official Video)

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Includes the new tracks ‘Wild Frontier’, ‘The Day Is My Enemy’, ‘Nasty’ & ‘Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods’

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The official video for The Prodigy - Out Of Space taken from the debut album Experience.
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“The most exciting - and most angrily British - album of the year” – Kerrang! KKKKK (Classic)

"the strongest and most confident Prodigy album since 'The Fat Of The Land'” - NME 8/10

"They've done it again, and you can't help but love them for it" - Album Of The Month – Mixmag 8/10

“Bigger, better and crazier with every track” – Zoo 4/5

“Snarling electronic bass and beats” – Uncut 7/10


Includes the new tracks ‘Nasty’, ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ & ‘Wild Frontier’

This is the official YouTube Channel for The Prodigy.

The evolution of The Prodigy

A short history of legendary rave outfit The Prodigy.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bowsar - Oracle EP (IN:DEEP)


Pairing one of Austria's brightest up and coming producers - BOWSAR - to one of the most intriguing and rapidly establishing labels from the same country - IN:DEEP - with the ORACLE EP, the 5 tracks issued on this compelling slab of intelligently designed EP deliver a truly impactful manoeuver for genre fans.

Title track ORACLE opens with undulating soft waves of digitally aged, alluring dub pads and filtered stabs that break into stripped and effective percussion riding on a tide of minimally stated bass. PARSEC dives deep with its bassline with an attitude that's designed to lock heads down whilst delivered directed kinetic energy through the pure tightness of its kick and snare. Deftly displaying a distinct sensibility of a spacious but succinct sonic environment. VAKUUM pursues a path of subtle insistence with depth and a restrained aesthetic that retains a driven edge throughout - a tune wired through with future funk and a sensitivity to perfectly timed pattern evolution. TRANSMISSION unleashes a chain of pulsing filtered bass frequencies against a sci-fi ambience that elicits high technology, whilst THE SOURCE sees Bowsar deliver a low-key, sultry stepper with one of DnB's leading MC's KRYPTOMEDIC.

With the Oracle EP, IN:DEEP demonstrate effectively why they're widely regarded as one of the most promising rising labels in deep drum & bass. Bowsar delivers a compact and carefully tailored package of depth charges that carry delicately balanced but poignant weight; a tightly packed and deliciously deep package of sleek tunes for the discerning raver.

Bowsar has graced us with an absolute bangin 5 tune release named after the head title "Oracle". Collaborations with @Phentix, @Emphasis and @Kryptomedic round this EP off to a solid piece of work! Bowsar once again demonstrates his relevance for the innovative forefront of Dnb!
Cat. Nr: IN:DEEP020
Release Date: 2017-11-02
a. Bowsar - Oracle
b. Bowsar & Emphasis - Vakuum
c. Bowsar - Transmission
d. Bowsar & Phentix - Parsec
e. Bowsar feat. Kryptomedic - Source
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©IN:DEEP Music

Summer Throwback to Hospitality In The Park!

We couldn't have had a better end to the summer as we celebrated in true dnb style at Hospitality In The Park!

Thanks to all who came and made it even better than last year :D

If you haven't heard it yet.. make sure you check out the Hospitality In The Park compilation:

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Kölsch @ Tour Eiffel for Cercle

Kölsch @ Tour Eiffel for Cercle

☞ Kölsch

Thanks to the Eiffel Tower (SETE) for their warm welcome (

Thanks to our partners: Tour Eiffel, Ville de Paris, Tomorrowland, minutebuzz, Jack, Topito, TSUGI, Le Routard, Techno Moves, DanceTrippin TV, Mr. After Party, Track? ID., A NOUS Paris, Techno Perfect.

Video credits:

Artist: Kölsch
Venue: Tour Eiffel
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Directed by: Derek Barbolla
Assisted by: Pol Souchier & Aurélien Moisan
Directors of photography: Ana Tole Vaillant & Jérémie Tridard
Live Editor: Pol Souchier
Technical partner: FL Group

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Lee Van Dowski & DFKTX - Low End (Original Mix) [Suara]


01 Me & Her - Starbust (Original Mix)
02 Lee Van Dowski & DFKTX - Low End (Original Mix)
03 D-Nox & Santiago Franch - Radio Moscow (Original Mix)
04 David Granha - The Liver (Original Mix)

Suara Showroom 031 joins the skills and talent of different artists in four tracks. First artists in the tracklist are Me & Her, the girls delivered “Starbust”, a deep journey with an emotional vocal and some melodic layers. Lee Van Dowski & DFKTX made “Low End” with a relentless beat and fat sub-bass for an hypnotic & poweful result. “Radio Moscow” by D-Nox & Santiago Franch is an harmonic trip between progressive vibes and deep techno feeling. Finally we have David Granha and his electro-techno beats with “The Liver”. Solid package of serious beats, four evidences of the Suara 2017 sound.
Artwork by GaAs
Mastering by

SUPER KIND PSA #1067 Aisle Blocking ブロキング

Part of a series of PSAs I directed for the LA Metro. Watch them all here:

Starring: Anna Akana
Cinematography: Aaron Grasso
VFX: Cavlin Serrano, Aryel Huckabey, Ethan Chancer, Mike Dahlquist, Aaron nelson-purcell,
Music produced by: David Dahlquist
Music written by: Mike and David Dahlquist
Vocals: Nisha B Asnani
Produced by: Lord Danger

Zed Bias- Restless ft Eva Lazarus [Official Video]

A short film by Zed Bias and Art Officials

Otto Knows - Million Voices ( Vini Vici Tribal Mix )

Otto Knows - Million Voices ( Vini Vici Tribal Mix )

Skrillex & Dj Snake ft. Cardi B - Yellow Way (Music Video)

Skrillex & Dj Snake ft. Cardi B - Yellow Way (SWOG Mashup)

It looks like everyone wants to put a spin on Cardi-B's "Money Moves" Check out the latest video remix "Yellow Way". You know how we do over here. BellaBassFly is your leading source for real underground!!!!


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🎵 Original songs used on this Edit:

✚ Cardi B x Vlien Boy - Bodak Yellow (Benzi x Chuwe Edit)
✚ Cardi B x Vlien Boy - Bodak Yellow (Acapella)
✚ Ronny J , Skrillex , EKALI - Babylon (Skrillex & Ronny J Remix)
✚ DJ Snake ft. Lauv - Different Way (Madskies Remix)
✚ Eptic - The End (Carnage & Breaux Remix) [Crankdat VIP]

🎥 Original Videos used on this Edit:

✚ Cardi B x Vlien Boy - Bodak Yellow
✚ Ronny J , Skrillex , EKALI - Babylon (Skrillex & Ronny J Remix)

🎵 SWOG Mashups:

✚ Skrillex , JOYRYDE & Matroda - Goosebumps Breed (SWOG Mashup):

✚ Skrillex , Diplo & Valentino Khan - Jungle Pump (SWOG Mashup):

✚ Skrillex , DJ Snake & Yellow Claw - Ocho Lambo (SWOG Mashup)

✚ Skrillex , Diplo & A$AP Ferg - Devil Pay (SWOG Mashup)

✚ Skrillex , Tchami & Dillon Francis ft. Drake & Migos - Killa Life (SWOG Mashup)

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✚ Guys, thanks for being part of this. I never imagined being able to reach so many people doing what I really love. Thank you for your continued support and your affection. This is one of my favorite mashups. I hope you like it as much as I do. SWOG.

✚ Amigos, gracias por ser parte de esto. Nunca imaginé poder llegar a tanta gente haciendo lo que realmente me gusta.Gracias por vuestro continuo apoyo y vuestras muestras de cariño. Este es uno de mis mashups preferidos. Espero que os guste tanto como a mi. SWOG.