Sunday, February 5, 2017

CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Paper World Short Film" by László Ruska & D...

CGI 3D Animated Paper World Short Film by László Ruska & David Ringeisen. Featured on

Paper World Short Film is an image film for WWF Hungary where the values that WWF stands for become visible metaphorically on the level of a micro-world.

Directed: László Ruska, Dávid Ringeisen
Producer: József Fülöp
Tutor: Gábor Réthi
Consultant: Jenö Udvardi
Composer: Balázs Alpár, Attila Pacsay
Sound: Balázs Alpár
Consultant Dramaturge: Rita Domonyi
Consultant Editor: Judit Czakó
Production manager: Krisztina Holló Leleszi
Models & Textures: Miklós Erdei, Kamilla Kubisch, Dávid Ringeisen, László Ruska
Rigging: Szabolcs Szabados
Animation: Zoltán Szalay, Roland Péter Bódis, Dávid Ringeisen
Effects: Csaba Kiss, Gábor Pulai
Lighting: Dávid Svantner
Compositing: László Ruska, Zsolt Ormándlaky
Rendering: Vertigo Digital Ltd.
Graduation film of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME)

2013. Animago AWARDS – Best Visualisation Nominee
2014. New York Festivals Television & Film – GOLD WORLD MEDAL – Student Film
2014. SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival – JURY AWARD
2014. Anima Mundi Animation Festival – Best Commissioned Film Award
2015. 12th Kecskemet Animation Film Festival / KAFF – Best Applied Animation

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