Friday, February 10, 2017

Gudrun Von Laxenburg - Moving Water (Official Audio)

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Viennese group Gudrun Von Laxenburg’s story has seen them start from humble beginnings, to opening stages at some of Europe’s biggest music festivals. Their blistering sonic fusion and LED-charged live show caught the attention of not only their audiences, but also major UK label Skint Records / BMG, two huge imprints leading the way within electronic music.

However, it’s never easy to gain this much interest against a baying social media landscape. After becoming legendary name across the underground live networks, their creativity and explosive personality captured their fan base and through word of mouth they made themselves known within the competitive dance music world. After a demo appeared on the desk of Skint BMG, they became enamoured with the outfit. Being described as somewhere between Daft PunkDigitalismJustice,The Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers their music was swiftly signed, a monumental feat for the artists.

Their first single for this year is Moving Water, taking the fundamental parts of their production standard and creating an electro, female-vocal lead cut which is sure to stand out as a resonating part of their discography. With energetic breakdowns and a hook which catches you from segment to segment, Gudrun demonstrates their untouchable, dancefloor derived sound. It stands as a perfect appetiser for what’s to come, echoing many of the band’s musical backgrounds, but still giving it the individuality which makes bands stand out from the fray. Moving Water has already ignited the band’s audiences in both living rooms and on festival stages.

A precursor for what’s to come, Moving Water only gives a snapshot into the versatility they have at their disposal. Despite being musically impressive and ingenious against the flooding tides of what’s available on cyberspace, there’s even more to come from the outfit. For this reason, 2017 is sure to be their most defining moment.

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GVL performing "Moving Water" 
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