Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I’m #ForTheArts, because art matters to the world. Stand up for art:


We need your voice to help make a difference.

A recent decision by the US government could cut funding going towards supporting the arts in America. In an effort to raise awareness for this issue and to help support the arts worldwide, Patreon is launching the People for the Arts campaign.  

What is People for the Arts?
With the help of creators like you, we want to show the world why art matters by showcasing your work and stories on social media to paint a picture of the impact art has made on society.

How can you participate?

Share any relevant art and creations and join the conversation using the hashtag #ForTheArts to tell the world why art matters to you.
Send people to where we will be showcasing your work and providing actionable steps to support the arts.
Forward this message to fellow artists and creators, on and off Patreon, to help spread the word.

As creators, we have the reach and influence to make positive changes in the world through our art. Lend us your voice and help us create a future where art is valued and thriving.

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