Monday, April 24, 2017

Gudrun von Laxenburg - Just Can’t Get Enough (Official Video) ft. Pressyes


Gudrun Von Laxenburg are becoming as renowned for their stunning music videos as they are for their music. Each of their releases this year has been accompanied by visual counterparts, whether that be the dystopian storyline played out during the video for their single Moving Water, or the electrifying instrumental backdrop for their Chemical Brothers Saturate rework. Although this isn’t surprising – the trio’s live performances are partly what caught the eye of Skint Records / BMG, later leading to their exclusive signing.  

With a snipped up cinematic sample, the video debut for Just Can’t Get Enough follows the story of an astronaut caught up in the depths of space. Slowly losing his mind amongst his spaceship’s transmissions and flashing lights, he begins to drown. However, it’s unknown whether this is within his own mind andPressyes’ vocals only add to the tension. Reminiscent of the sci-fi movies which made the 80s so culturally identifiable, it perfectly demonstrates Gudrun’s crossover between their art and their music. It’s a crossover seen throughout every record they release, represented through their musical diversity.

With less than a month to go, the time is getting nearer for the release of Gudrun Von Laxenburg’sinaugural LP Panic!. Every single and music video release brings us a step closer, with the anticipation for fan’s becoming unbearable. Panic! is a body of work they’ve crafted meticulously and it’s sure to be a defining moment in their ascending careers. Alongside their reputation as connoisseurs of the live circuit, their first album will solidify their place within dance music’s most refined discography. And each music video helps to build this package, even widening their appeal as true artists within their field.

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