Sunday, April 9, 2017

Paul van Dyk - Touched By Heaven

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Paul van Dyk - Touched By Heaven
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Paul van Dyk on North American Tour presented by Dreamstate

April 27 - Boston - House of Blues 
April 28 - Dallas - South Side Music Hall 
April 29 - Washington DC - Echostage 
May 5 - Phoenix - Pressroom
May 11 - Atlanta - Opera 
May 13 - Montreal - New City Gas 
May 18 - Albuquerque - El Rey 
May 19 - Salt Lake City - Complex 
May 20 - Calgary - Marquee 
May 25 - Denver - Beta 
May 26 - San Diego - House of Blues
May 27 - San Francisco - Dreamstate 

With his ensemble single ‘Everyone Needs Love’ still visible in the release rearview, March sees PvD swiftly back into the production swing. By contrast to ‘Everyone’ though, new single ‘Touched By Heaven’ finds him in solo, instrumental mode… and reflective, introspective mood. 

Life is the ultimate inspiration, something that Paul is ever more acutely aware of these days. Following the events that he experienced in February of 2016 - as many will quickly have deduced, ‘Touched By Heaven’s touchstone lies in musical catharsis.
With fire in its production engine, ‘Touched’ gets airborne in double quick time. It gathers around high tensile sub-riffs, which are anchored by indomitable drums and manifestly PvD-ish bass. With its quixotic midpoint pads & chords, Paul ploughs a deep seam of emotion into the track. At its point of greatest intensity, he draws all these elements spectacularly back together to tie off a trancer that takes 2017 straight up to 37,000ft.

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