Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Calyx & Teebee - Conquest

Calyx & Teebee - Conquest - Out 12th May - 

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With two new records having already reasserted their underground appeal, Calyx & TeeBee are continuing their dance music hegemony into the summer. Since 2004, when their first collaborations began to emerge, they’ve blazed a trail for both Ram Records and drum & bass, becoming part of the genre’s foundations. And their next single Conquest is a testament to their undeniable musicianship, bringing the sonic mosaics which have made them so infamous throughout their careers.

Following a US-wide tour and upcoming sets at some of the biggest global electronic music festivals, including Las Vegas’ EDC, they’ve been meticulously manufacturing this next cut with the utmost precision. Rolling out on carefully picked out, distorted guitar strings and drummed up pads, the tell-tale sub bass which Calyx & TeeBee are renowned for suddenly kicks in. Cutting for the aural jugular, Conquest holds no prisoners with its full-scale assault. Each drum relay kicks harder and harder, chaotic yet with a diligently laid out mixdown. There’s no disputing their heavyweight title, with Conquest for a third time they’re still connected to their roots. That’s even despite their commercial success, with two critically acclaimed LPs lying in their wake.

It’s time for the music to do the talking. Even two decades on,
it remains their loudest and most celebrated feature. 

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