Monday, June 12, 2017

Salaryman - Badman Sound

Salaryman - Badman Sound - Out Now

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The talent pedestalled by Salaryman has been proven with every track he’s offered for the Ram Records esteemed compilation series. From the string melodies of Echoes from Nowhere and Waiting for You, through to the harder liquid relays of Nocturnal Stories and My Future, every output he’s had on the label has already solidified his place within its back catalogue. However, next up from the producer comes his first standalone single on the imprint titled Your Love Lifts Me Up and Badman Sound. And it delivers one of the producer’s most diverse releases to date. 

For the A-side, Salaryman powers forward with a heartfelt vocal overture filtering through the mix, amongst metallic drums and heavy percussion. Clinking hi-hats help to pad out the composition, with its winding bassline loftily sifting between each drum pattern. Its humanistic elements help dampen any edges, proving that time and time again Salaryman is able to utilise the heavier elements of drum & bass whilst still laying down carefully woven melodies. 

Badman Sound presents a flipside to Salaryman not yet unveiled by his releases so far. A charger up call-to-arms which punches harder and harder with every sonic break, it goes for the aural jugular, unafraid in its assault. Layer upon layer of distorted bass, ragga-vocals and elevating beats take you deeper between each segment, with instrumental warbling building its carefully manufactured drops. This is Salaryman at his most unforgiving, tearing up the dancefloor with aggressively tight-knit production. 

A step into unknown territories and another notch higher within Ram’s discography, Salaryman’s progression is beginning to raise the bar within not just his career, but also the imprint’s roster. 

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