Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Out Now - Disphonia // Disintegrate - Code Red


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Artist // Disphonia
Release // Disintegrate & Code Red
Label // MethLab Recordings
Release Date // 27.06.17
Soundcloud - @disphonia
Facebook -
Greek drum & bass duo - DISPHONIA - launch the first of a series of poignant and devastating singles on METHLAB RECORDINGS with the dynamic, hard-hitting and tech-driven - DISINTEGRATE & CODE RED. Following on from their highly effective Energy and Back to the Old School release on Optiv's Red Light Recordings, and showcasing once again their dedication to extreme precision in production and prime kinetic energy - the visceral audio of this pair of tracks implements a perfect pincer movement of contrasting but complementary tech.
DISINTEGRATE delivers an overwhelming percussive assault flourescing with a refined Cyberpunk aura and military grade beats, a tune of towering proportions that lays waste to everything in its path. CODE RED carries with it a tense tech-step spirit that has its origins in the birth of the sub-genre, building ecstatically into a measured and weighty breed of aural brutality.
Disphonia have picked a careful path through the drum & bass landscape with their output, balancing exquisitely built releases with highly regarded live performances, leaving them standing as one of the most effective duos currently creating. With Disintegrate and Code Red, the pair are set to leave an indelible mark on the Summer festival season.

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