Monday, July 17, 2017

Stealth - The Ladder

Stealth - The Ladder - Out 14 April 

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With a plethora of releases already on the Program imprint, Stealth makes a welcome return although this time he’s brought his unadulterated, no holds-barred sound to Ram Records. Following a brief hiatus, he’s not only returned to demonstrate how he’s retained his edge, but also the versatility which Ram Records platforms. Time and time again Stealth continues to pay homage to the underground and this forthcoming single will be no different. 

The Ladder, more reminiscent of the genre’s darker roots and providing a contemporary twist on the murkier borders which separate the old and the new school. Colossal breaks and low grinding bass filters throughout the mix, manifesting a sub shaker that reverberates across the composition’s entirety. Stealth takes you on a journey, one which reignites your love for the early 2000s but ends in the more modern sounds which represent the high-levels shown across today’s scene. And it’s for this reason Stealth has been enlisted in the Ram ranks. 

Stealth’s output doesn’t stop at this release. With a schedule planned for 2017 and a debut LP lying on the horizon, he’s back with the standard which originally made him so infamous.

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